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Ready to get stuck in? 

  • Are you at the bottom of your own to-do list?

  • Are you sick of being told you can't have it all?

  • Are you ready to banish the guilt and live life on your own terms?

Design the life of your choice
Be fierce
Be yourself

I will take you from not feeling good enough to a place of fierce self-acceptance and soaring like nothing else matters!


When you go all in, you will walk away feeling empowered to re-align with your inner GPS and take steps towards a that life you have been dreaming of.

Ready for a life driven by choice and intention?  Let's do this.


It's okay to be unapologetically you. 

Take your pick


90 mins


You know what you want and are ready to jump straight in - no messing

One payment £299 /

Two payments £150


3 x 1hr



6 x 1hr




12 x 1hr

Expect a transformation.

A deep dive into who you are how you want to be.

Your beeline to one or two key issues and getting past what maybe in your way

Your ticket to feeling expansive and more yourself again

Commit and you will be celebrating your wins, working with your blind spots and begin living a life more inspired

A questionnaire owning up to what truly matters

On the menu - limiting beliefs, stuck-ness, stumbling blocks and anything else that shows up

A questionnaire to pinpoint key

focus areas

One payment £999 /

Three payments £333

One payment £1,800/

Three payments £600 / Six payments £300

One payment £3,000/

Six payments £500 / Twelve payments £150

Take your pick
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