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Enabling you to live a life designed by you

At the start of my career, I stumbled into branding and PR, and for a few years, really enjoyed it.


I became pregnant and left my thriving career to take a year off. And just weeks before my scheduled return, at a time when I was desperate to reconnect with my professional identity, I was told my role had been made redundant.


With my baby in nursery, this was followed by a series of unrewarding roles and deep resentment. 

I felt like a bad parent. 

I had this niggling feeling that I'd surrendered control and the time had come to call out my own limiting beliefs and design a life of my own choosing.

And The Mum's Guilt Coach was born.

I am a trained professional coach working towards an ACC qualification and a member of the ICF - The International Coach Federation.


Coaching is deeply transformative and I'd love to reach out to as many people as possible. I'm a founding member of The Coaching Tribe, a network of coaches who volunteer their support to disadvantaged communities. 

When not empowering women to tap into their sense of fierce self-acceptance, I can be found interpreting for the NHS (I speak 6 languages!), binge-watching emerging Hindi cinema, drooling over innumerable decor sites or jamming to My Girl with my daughter. 


Hello - I'm Prarthana

The Mum's Guilt Coach

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