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Becoming Me

A 5-week coaching container for women who want to take up space and embody their limitlessness 

It's time to ...





My pilot group coaching programme is for women who want to step out of the shadows, quit keeping themselves small and embody their limitlessness. 

Does this ring a bell? 

Battling with feelings of inadequacy and not enough-ness.  

Seeking worthiness through external validation from others.


You have let  others limit your horizons.  

Letting people-pleasing get in the way of  embracing your power.

Neglecting yourself and putting others before your needs and desires. 

You have let self-doubt hold you back.

Let’s get one thing straight

You are not broken. You don't need fixing.

You are worthy, resourceful and whole.

You already have what it takes. 

You just need to find your way home. 


If you want to cultivate your true power and amplify your voice.

BECOMING ME is for you.

If you are tired of your insecurities and want to step into your inner wisdom.

BECOMING ME is for you.

If you fear judgement and worry what others might think. 

BECOMING ME is for you.

We start on Wednesday 28 April

In 5 weeks you will ...

Learn to love yourself and fully tap into your power,

so all of you can be seen and heard.

Discover that your soul knows its all possible for you,

otherwise it won’t be seeking it in the first place.

Gain the wisdom to know, in your heart, mind and body,

that your limiting beliefs are fears and not the true story.

Embody the belief that your self worth is not determined by external factors,

it is absolute and you were born with it.

Take charge of your well-being, embrace your desires and step up your expansion

because you know you are meant for bigger and greater things. 

Chemistry call

Any bonuses?

Everyone who signs up will receive a session from both of these two incredible practitioners.

These sessions will leave you feeling energetically abundant, deeply nourished and stepping into your power with a delicious sense of freedom.   


Betty supports women who are on an adventure to meet themselves.


She is a miracle worker who will help you work with your cycle in a way that empowers and energises you. 

During your session with Betty you will be introduced to your in-built soul sister and it will deeply transform how you live.

Jitka is an intuitive healer, embodiment guide and inner child coach.


She believes that all that is held in the mind is also stored in the body and therefore just shifting the mindset is not enough.


Jitka will help you release blocks and create joy through dance and movement. 

IMG-20210416-WA0001 (1).jpg

What you get and value

Weekly group coaching calls with me (worth £1,000)

1:1 session with me (worth £299)

Private WhatsApp group (priceless) 

Accountability threads (to keep you on track) 

Guest sessions (worth £200)


Your investment


Payment plans available at no extra cost


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